Miss Kayla comes to us from the state of Massachusetts. Together with over 5 years of experience, Miss Kayla brings a fresh perspective to her classroom. Encouraging exploration and sensory development, Miss Kayla loves when her students get messy!

A fully balanced day, a caring atmosphere, reassuring routine and stimulating activities provide toddlers with a sense of security. They learn through a balance of play, teacher facilitated activities and repetition. It is the optimum environment for learning at this level of development!

Through our early learning program and curriculum, children will enjoy stories, toys, music, games, building blocks and more, all designed to develop language, growth and information and provide opportunities for development of fine and gross motor skills.

 While we do work with the A Beka curriculum for this age as well, a majority of what they are learning is basic recognization and fine/gross motor skills development. They learn their lessons through song and continue to explore the exciting world they live in.

Miss Kayla One Year Old Teacher 

Little Treasures Academy

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