In our Three Year Old class, students will be learning about God’s world and developing language skills with the help of many animal friends. Coloring, painting, and gluing will help develop fine motor skills and prepare students for the challenging workload in the VPK program, while simple activities like hopping like a frog, and going on a bear hunt help to develop gross motor skills. 

Stories, poetry, and music will aid the development of comprehension, language, and thinking skills. Your child will also learn all the letters of the alphabet and their sounds, recognize numbers 1 through 15, and count from 1 to 30. This class is the bridge to reading which begins in the K-4 class. Lessons are presented in a fun and interesting manner to help students stay focused and retain as much information as possible.

Mrs. Irmery Three Year Old Teacher

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Little Treasures Academy

Miss Charlotte comes to Little Treasures Academy with 3 years of experience working with students. Her calming nature and peaceful composure help balance out the active students in her class. Miss Charlotte brings exploration and discovery to the students in her care.

As our Three Year Old Assistant Teacher, Mrs. Irmery and her family come to us from Venezuela where she originally worked as an Army Medic. Bringing a fresh perspective on many aspects, Mrs. Irmery helps to continue to shape the school and the programs that we offer, while helping enhance our Three Year Old class.

Miss Charlotte Three Year Old Teacher