With over 10 years of experience in childcare, Ms. Samantha expressed her passion for the students on a daily basis. Encouraging each child to reach their full potential, Ms. Samantha teaches the students to say I CAN instead of I CAN'T. With her experience in the Montessori learning style, Ms. Samantha brings a different approach to the students, and her continued success in the VPK class is testament to the dedication she has for each student in her care. 

Ms. Samantha

VPK Teacher / Asst. Director

​In our VPK Program, students review the letters and their sounds and begin learning vowel and consonant blends. After this, students start adding additional consonants to the blends and begin reading simple short and long vowel words phonetically. Students begin reading in November and progress from reading blends and one vowel words to sentences with long and short vowel words.

In conjecture with using the A Beka curriculum, our class focuses on phonics, reading, and literacy. Students also learn to write their letters in manuscript. We practice writing letters, our names, and other blends and words regularly. Number skills are also an important part of our K-4 class. We learn to recognize and count the numbers 0-100 and the concepts of numbers 0-20. We also learn to count by two’s, five’s and ten’s from 0-100. Later in the year, we introduce students to basic addition skills. Other areas we focus on include: Bible, Calendar activities, spelling, presidents, language development, skills development, art, music, and poetry. Our goal is for our four year old students to be able to read and write simple words and sentences, and demonstrate number concepts and skills such as counting and addition by the end of the K-4 class.

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